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DIIL is looking for excellent PhD candidates. Information about the available projects is found in the "Research and Projects" section.

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Dr. Hanna Bishara

Lab Director and Principal Investigator 

Head of the DIIL. 

Wolfson building, room 121



Dr. Bishara is faculty member in the Materials Science and Engineering at TAU since July 2022. He spent 3.5 years in Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung (Germany) as a postdoctoral researcher. This followed a PhD, MSc and BSc in Materials Science and Engineering at Technion.

Research interests are detailed in the research sections.

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Dr. Amram Azulay

Lab Engineer and Researcher



Dr. Amram Azulay gained his expertise in Materials Science and Engineering focusing on electronic and thermal transport properties of bulk thermoelectric oxides. Employing point defect engineering, phase mixture, and ball mill processing, Amram studied the underlying physics linking structure and charge and heat transport, trying to optimize the thermoelectric conversion efficiency.

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Dr. Gautam Kumar Pal

Postdoc Researcher



Dr. Gautam Kumar is a postdoctoral researcher in DIIL, investigating the contact resistivity of between functional alloy and conductive alloys through local electrical measurements. As well, Dr. Pal studies the electrical-mechanical properties interplay in cast 6xxx Al-alloy. Gautam got his PhD at National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan) is studying local electrical properties of oxide nano-facets. Dr. Pal is a chemist by training by National Institute of Technology Agartala (Indea).


Saja Sirhan

MSc. Candidate


Saja completed her bachelor studies in fall 2023 in Materials Science and Engineering department in Tel Aviv University. Her bachelor project focused on micro-scale electrical resistivity measurements in dual phase system - through finite elements simulations of . For her masters, Saja studies the segregation and precipitation in Cu-Mn alloys​,  and their impact on the local physical properties of grain boundaries.

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Omer Coriat

MSc. Candidate


Omer is a master student candidate in the MSc. direct track of Materials Science and Engineering. Omer investigates the local electrical properties of 3D printed 6xxx Al-alloys, in purpose to reveal the resistivity mechanisms and improve the mechanical-electrical interplay in Al- based alloys. Omer is co-supervised with Dr. Vladimir Popov who is an expert in additive manufacturing.

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