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The lab is equipped with the following instrument for a proper materials fabrication, sample preparation, and characterization. 

                       has the following facilities:


Materials Fabircation


Magnetron Sputtering machine

Main features:

  • Turbo-pump vacuum level

  • two active cathodes: dc + ac

  • Substrate heating to 600°C

Heat Treatments


Inert atmosphere and vacuum Tube furnaces

 Main features:

  • Annealing with high purity Ar

  • Pre-vacuum of 0.01 mbar

  • Heating up to 1000°C

  • Ramp control

Vacuum furnace

 Main features:

  • Base pressure 10E(-7) mbar  

  • Heating up to 1000°C

  • Self-designed (with a company)


Burnout furnace

 Main features:

  • Heating up to 1000°C

  • 20 liter chamber

Mechanical Treatments


Cold rolling

 Main features:

  • Rolling of plates starting from thickness of 8mm

  • Automatic flow

  • control over the speed of wheels

  • Suitable for materials up to hardness 64


Multi-directional Forging

 Main features:

  • 50 kN load cell  

  • Compression and three point bending 

  • Load or displacement control

Sample Preparation


Cutting wheel disk

 Main features:

  • Load-cell to control feed rate

  • Load-cell to control applied force

  • Multiple disk materials

  • Water-cooled cutting


Diamond wire saw

 Main features:

  • Very smooth cut surface - minimal deformation

  • Control of cutting force and wire speed

  • Water-cooled

  • Materials range: anything from sponge to hard materials


Automatic polishing machine

 Main features:

  • Control over force and speed

  • From abrasive grinding to OPS polishing 

  • Wide range of polishing cloths and liquids


Vibro-polishing machine

 Main features:

  • Control of vibration frequency and force

  • A range of polishing cloths and liquids

  • Extremely smooth deformation-free surfaces

Material Characterization


Optical Microscope

 Main features:

  • Up to 100x objective lenses

  • Bright field and Dark field

  • Multiple filters

  • Camera features and image analysis


Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

 Main features:

  • SE and BSE detectors

  • EDS

  • large samples are also possible

  • variable vacuum level

Nano-probing nano-manipulators system

Main features:

  • Perform local electrical measurements inside SEM

  • Four independent probes

  • Compatible with Phenom and Zeiss SEMs 

  • Manipulators move in steps range between microns to nano-scale

Keithley devices

 Main features:

  • Nano-Voltmeter

  • Sensitive current generator

  • Ability to measure fractions of mili-Ohms accuracy  in metals


Probing station

 Main features:

  • Four probes - manually aligned

  • Heating stage to 600°C and cooling to liquid nitrogen

  • Accurate temperature ramp control

  • Suitable for Can-dep-Pauw method 



 Main features:

  • Berkovic tip

  • Linear arrays of nano-indentation 

  • From μNs Up to 500 mN

Induction melting furnace

Main features:

  • Bulk alloy fabrication by induction melting

  • Heating up to 2000 °C

  • High purity Ar atmosphere

  • Graphite and copper dies - volume ~20 cm³

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